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Triticum urartu

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T. urartu
Triticum urartu
Common Name
Red wild einkorn wheat

Triticum urartu (diploid, AA, 2n=2x=14) is the progenitor of the A subgenome of tetraploid (Triticum turgidum, AABB) and hexaploid (Triticum aestivum, AABBDD) wheat. All six species of the wheat genus contain the A genome, indicating that the wheat A genome is the basic genome of wheat evolution and plays a central role in wheat evolution. The diploid Urartu wheat with A genome is the original donor species of wheat A genome, mainly distributed in the Middle East.

In view of the importance of the wheat A genome, Chinese Academy of Sciences was the first to complete the wheat A genome draft sequence. The current version was an improved version and was published in 2018 (Ling et al. 2018 Nature).

Gene Expression Data: 2 RNA-Seq studies and 7 RNA-Seq samples are currently available on WheatGene.

Raw RNA-Seq data was retrieved from the NCBI and processed by the WheatGene team to estimate the TPM expression patters. Such data belongs to the following studies:

  • Michikawa A et al. Genome-wide polymorphisms from RNA sequencing assembly of leaf transcripts facilitate phylogenetic analysis and molecular marker development in wild einkorn wheat. Mol Genet Genomics, 2019 Oct;294(5):1327-1341.
  • Krasileva KV et al. Separating homeologs by phasing in the tetraploid wheat transcriptome. Genome Biol, 2013 Jun 25;14(6):R66.
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